The Four Agreements In The Workplace

The Four Agreements In The Workplace

As a personal, professional and organizational guide, can you imagine how much better companies would work and that the workplace would feel if we used the four agreements from Miguel Ruiz`s bestseller The Four Agreements? The chords are so simple and yet so powerful. Good deals are based on good information. Making a assumption in the workplace can be a big mistake. When we make assumptions, we are not able to see things as they really are. We may unconsciously want them to be somehow, or we think we don`t have time to discover the real facts. But in business and in life, it is better to know the real market than to play a guessing game. Instead of accepting things, Ruiz offers to ask questions to learn more about a situation. Questions provide clarity, which, in turn, leads to better relationships with people and better decision-making. Can you imagine that everyone in your workplace is blameless with their thoughts and words? Don`t take things personally? Don`t make assumptions? Do your best all the time? Imagine what it would be like if everyone behaved like this in every workplace. Integrating the four agreements into the workplace is a great idea, but they need to become more than an idea or concept to bring added value to the workplace. We must start by practicing what we want to become: we must become living role models and lead our lives according to the four agreements. We must become the four agreements.

Hello, Jarek! My name is Raquel Benavidez. I take care of the formation of the corporation for the four agreements with Ruiz and Amber Allan editions. I would like to talk to you. Thank you for writing this article. I believe that these agreements can significantly change our business culture and improve our functioning, both in our professional and personal lives. My email address is I look forward to hearing from you. The spiritual principles of Don Miguel Ruiz`s book The Four Chords – one of the most popular books for self-improvement of all time – are about how to be one of these people. Ruiz wrote the book after turning to the wisdom of his Mexican family`s ancient Totec roots when he had a life-changing car accident, which he survived unscathed. In search of spiritual answers, he studied the ancient shamanic practices of his ancestors and became a nagual (shaman) himself.

In all four agreements, Ruiz shares the Tolèque wisdom that we all make agreements with ourselves – to achieve this, to be a best friend, a better parent or a better spouse. These agreements are based more on the expectations and rules of others than on our own. But by adhering to four agreements that simplify what we expect of ourselves, we can consciously try to lead a better life while freeing ourselves from negative thinking. In his book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz distills the essence of Toleque wisdom into four principles for leading a life of value: the convictions we have held since childhood create our ”self-conversation” which, in turn, dictates our behavior. In other words, we create our own agreements about who we are, how we treat others, and how we act in life. Unfortunately, our own ”agreements” usually don`t serve us well. Personal transformation is a wonderful thing, but workplace transformation requires more: you also need to consider work systems. To create the effective and supportive environments we have discussed, you need to not only transform people in those environments, but also improve their personal freedom, free the human mind in the workplace, and transform anxiety-based systems into love-based systems…