Ekahau License Agreement

Ekahau License Agreement

NOTE: You can only release your license once every 180 days. If there are less than 180 days since the previous reset of the license, you should contact our Ekahau support and reset your license. If you need to move your license key to another external survey device, you can do so as follows: 13. Use of third-party software (subcontractor). Subject to all the terms of this Agreement, including, but not only restrictions on the portability of section 22 licenses/subscriptions, you may authorize a third party as a subcontractor to use the Software as an approved user if and only to the extent that such use is exclusively (i) on your behalf, (ii) for your internal operations or as part of your normal activity as a system integrator and (iii) in accordance with this Agreement. You must ensure that this third party designated as an approved user complies with this agreement and you agree to be held liable for any violation of this Contract by that third party. No third party may acquire or acquire rights, titles, licenses or interests on or from the software, including, but not solely in source code. This year`s changes with the license are a great PITA for us. I have a student who works on two sites with two laptops and who will do surveys for me. I also use my office to check the polls. Really stupid a person who has a few devices can`t just move the sidekick between devices. They still use it only once an hour.

The license transfer only works once, and then you need to contact the support. From PlexNet`s perspective and in accordance with Ekahau`s licensing rules, an investigation license must therefore be permanently connected to a PC/Mac. NOTE: After moving the license activation to a new survey device, the previous activation no longer works! 6. Ekahau Cloud/your data. If your subscription according to your Ekahau Cloud order form and you or the authorized ekahau Cloud user you will grant Ekahau, to our affiliated companies and the contractors concerned, a limited global license to host, copy, transfer and display your program data and codes and/or authorized user data and codes created by you or the authorized user, created by you or by the authorized user using Ekahau Cloud, or for use by you and/or the authorized user with Ekahau Cloud, as is required for Ekahau to provide the Ekahau cloud in accordance with this agreement. Ekahau can use anonymized data and the Ekahau Cloud of You program code or authorized user for internal product development and enhancement purposes. Subject to limited licenses, Ekahau does not acquire any rights, title or interest from you, your licensees or the authorized user in or on the data and/or codes of the authorized user under this Agreement. This is an agreement (”agreement”) between ”You” and Ekahau Inc., a Delaware company headquartered in Isaac Newton Square E, Suite 200, Reston, VA 20190, U.S.A. (”Ekahau”) and governs your use of Ekahau Software.

”it,” ”your” and ”licensee,” the individual or corporation that acquired the Ekahau software license or subscription in accordance with this Agreement. A ”license key” means the corresponding license key that is transmitted to you, or to the authorized user, by electronic transmission for each license or subscription you have purchased (or is made available to you for evaluation software) that allows the registration, download and installation of the Software and the acceptance of this Contract.