Agreements Workflow

Agreements Workflow

From there, the electronic signature process supports and notifies each signatory, tracks the status of signature requests, uploads the final signed document and finally informs all parties involved that the contract has been fully executed. Wouldn`t it be nice to know in advance when and what contracts need to be renewed? Workflows allow users to be notified before the contract expires and automatically send alerts and notifications. This eliminates all ”old school” methods of contract management (e.g.B Excel Tables), reduces human error, increases supplier retention, and significantly reduces risk by eliminating unintentional author whales that save your business time and money. When the time comes to renew, modify or terminate the agreement, everything will be automated by the workflow. The table below illustrates the default workflow phases for service agreements and shows what can be done at each step. While clickthrough agreements are clearly a way to make contract acceptance smooth and timely, Clickthrough contracts do not necessarily adapt well to established standards and best practices for managing contracting processes. You can`t just update in Word, publish it to Sharepoint, and if necessary, view PDF or paper files. This creates not only a back office, a revolting nightmare, but also all types of risks associated with unenforceable contracts (just ask BMO Harris, Safeway or Transunion). The different activities in the workflow phases are summarized as follows. Workflows don`t guarantee that business runs smoothly.

It automates workflows that will help you streamline your contracting process and move from a responsive legal team to a proactive legal team….